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Atomic radiation may be polluting Ganga, Satpal Maharaj tells PM


DEHRADUN: In a recent meeting with PM Narendra Modi in New Delhi, Uttarakhand tourism minister Satpal Maharaj referred to the failed 1965 Nanda Devi expedition and expressed his apprehensions that an atomic device that had gone missing over 50 years ago may be polluting waters of the Ganga.

德拉敦:最近与莫迪总理在新德里会面时,北阿坎德邦旅游部长Satpal Maharaj提到了1965年楠达德维峰(喜马拉雅山脉外的双联峰)探险失利,并表示他担心50年前失踪的原子设备可能会污染恒河。

In October 1965, America’s Central Intelligence Agency and India’s Intelligence Bureau had undertaken a clandestine mission to install a nuclear-powered spying device on the summit of Nanda Devi peak to keep a tab on the Chinese. However, the team met with a blizzard and had to retreat leaving behind a nuclear-fuelled generator and plutonium capsules with the intention of renewing its attempt at a later date. However, when they returned a few months later, all the equipment, including the stock of plutonium, was gone. It is believed that plutonium capsules have a longevity of over a hundred years and could still be buried somewhere in the snow.


Terming the issue “one of a grave and pressing nature”, Maharaj told the PM that there may be a possibility of radiation from the still-active plutonium capsules polluting the snow trickling down from the Nanda Devi range into the Ganga. “I requested the PM to have the matter studied on a priority basis and take action,” he said.


At a presser in Dehradun on Monday, Maharaj claimed he had raised the issue in the past, too, but failed to get the desired results. “There is a strong possibility of a radiation leak and a thorough probe will ascertain whether the river is safe,” he said.


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Vishal Ganjoor8132 Vishal Ganjoor-6 hours ago -Follow

Amazing that all these genius MPs belong to BJP. They are so intelligent ... God bless our country.


Elias Ponodath Elias Ponodath-Pune, Maharashtra-4 hours ago -Follow

This is why basic education at least upto graduation is to be made mandatory for politicians


Tsupon Murry3477 Tsupon-5 hours ago -Follow

Here comes another mad nuclear physist !???


Kumar Situr1204 Kumar-Louisville, Kentucky-3 hours ago -Follow

what an idiot? Ganga is being polluted because of human activities.


A Singh14309  A Singh-3 hours ago -Follow

Ganga is polluted mainly due to disposal of industrial waste.


Razzy G4056 Razzy-dUbAi-3 hours ago -Follow

ganga mein dubki lagana aur murde jalana band karo...dats d main coz of polluting d ganga...now PM will make dis an election issue and say congress worked towards polluting our sacred ganga coz they r a muslim party...lol???


Garikimokkala2005 Garikimokkala-5 hours ago -Follow

as if tons of garbage and plastic dumped into river due to foolish and stupid RELIGIOUS rituals not polluting the river and only the allegedly lost plutonium is polluting. there can never be a shortage of idiots in INDIA until RELIGION ceases to exist.